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Choosing The Right Tuxedo:
  1. Allow ample timeRent, buy, or have a tux custom made two months in advance.
  2. Consider the eventConsider climate and weather. A lightweight, white tux is ideal for a tropical wedding or quince, while a traditional black tux will work for an indoor or winter affair.
  3. Events after six p.m. are formal and require a tux, cummerbund or vest, tie, cufflinks, studs, and tuxedo shoes.
  4. Coordinate with your ladyCoordinate your tux style with your date's dress. Whether it’s a theme wedding or quince or her dress is modern and sleek, dress according to that style.
  5. Dress for your body typeDress for your body type. If you’re thin, wear a double-breasted jacket with padded shoulders and fuller pants. Muscular or stocky men look best in a single-breasted, one-button, shawl-collar tux.
  6. If choices are limited, go for a shawl collar. The classic smooth, thin-collar jacket without notched lapels flatters everyone.
  7. Consider colorConsider the color. Black, gray, and midnight blue are classics. Light colors are for summer events and weddings.
  8. Get a great fitFix sagging and drooping or puckering and pulling with alterations. Pant hems should cover your socks when you walk, but shouldn’t drag. Shirt cuffs should reach an inch beyond your jacket sleeve.
  9. Express your personal styleExpress your personal style in the details, like studs and cufflinks. Tux shirts, shoes, ties or ascots, vests, cummerbunds or belts, handkerchiefs, flowers, or a top hat are places to make your style mark.