Music, Live Bands and Mariachis

Music, Live Bands and Mariachis

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Benefits Of Having a Live Band At Your Wedding or Quince

1. Performance
A live band can do things a DJ can’t. Yes, a DJ can dance and talk into the mic to guests but it’s just not the same as a live band dancing and singing on stage to you and your guests. A DJ is only one person, whereas, a band comprises of a group of highly talented musicians and entertainers.

2. Interaction
A band can gauge the interest of the audience and perform to them and for them. A live band can play songs everyone knows, not just today’s top 40 and their set can be catered to your likes. If you have favorite songs, the band can put those in the set list, so you can hear exactly what you want.

3. Sound
The full sound of a live band can not be beat. The sounds of a live band can fill up any reception space to keep the party going all night long.

4. Double Duty
Most people think of hiring a band for their reception, but a band is definitely not limited to the reception. Use certain members of the band to also perform at your ceremony to add an element of sophistication.

5. Fun
Having a live band perform at your wedding or quince is like going to a concert just for you! All of your guests, from the children to the grandparents, will have fun listening, dancing and watching the live band. Whether your guest list is 100 or 500, hiring a live band makes it fun for everyone.

A live band has only one objective: to make your special day the most memorable and fun day of your life.

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