Quince / Sweet 16 Dresses

Quince / Sweet 16 Dresses

Quinceañera dresses are worn by girls of Latin heritage on the night of their Quinceañera, or traditional fifteenth birthday celebration (hence the word “Quince” which means fifteen in Spanish). Although Quince dresses are usually worn only by Quinceaneras, many girls wear them for their Sweet 16 celebration as well. These dresses compliment the beauty and physic of girls around the age of fifteen and sixteen, thus adding to their feeling of being a princess on their special day. Quince dresses in El Paso come in a variety of different sizes, colors, materials and designs.

Quinceañera dresses can be designed with different color schemes, layouts and accessories that are arranged to suit your needs and coalesce nicely with the theme of your event. Traditional Quinceañera dresses are tailored to your upper body in a corset and widen at the bottom with a big crinoline. Many of our vendors have purposely created dresses that aren’t as traditional and have designed various styles of Quince dresses to provide you with the perfect dress to wear on your magical day. Should you be in need of a more modern and flashy dress or an old fashioned Cinderella styled dress, don’t fret as our vendors can definitely satisfy your needs. Whatever your theme may be, our vendors can provide the opportunity to successfully execute almost any theme.

Traditional Quinceaneras usually incorporate a court made up of family and friends to celebrate and make this special time in their life even more memorable. The girls in these courts called “Damas” wear dresses matching a similar theme to one another that aren’t as complex as the dress of the Quinceañera.

Our vendors also provide innovative and creative dresses for the Damas in your court to compliment the dress of the Quinceañera.

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