Desert Inferno Squad

Desert Inferno Squad

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Desert Inferno Squad Mission Statement:

The Desert Inferno Squad of Star Garrison is dedicated to bringing the smiles to children (and children at heart) of the Western Deserts of Texas. We will help grow our garrison and are proud to promote interest in Star Wars and Star Wars Costuming. We will work hard to put our resources to good use through fundraising, charity work, and volunteerism. We will uphold the call to be #BadGuysDoingGood by working harmoniously with partner groups (e.g. Rebel Legion, Stormtrooper Ranch, Mandalorian Mercs, Droid Builders) within our area, for the betterment of our community and local charities. We will be a squad recognized for the unity of its members and its presence in Texas. The group identity will be marked through the image of our emblematic figure: The Mudhorn. The Mudhorn is a desert-dwelling creature much like our members consider themselves to be. You will find us participating in frequent activities with hospitals, social aid events, and community participation where we can share and disseminate the wonder of the Star Wars Universe. To that end, we are committed to being an inclusive group, welcoming to all new members that wish to join and work towards building an approved 501st costume. Proudly wearing suits and armor that comply with the highest quality standard indicated by the 501st Legion.

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