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From the moment you enter through the beautiful wrought iron doors you enter a different world that is designed to make your special event a memory to stay for all time.

Capacity for 500 yet can also be scaled down to handle smaller parties as well. Capacity for dancing for many couples with a large centrally placed dance floor well cooled with multiple fans. Varied settings give beautiful variety to accommodate you and your guests.

Ambiance from elegant décor with water fountains to beautiful mirrors, sparkling chandeliers to amazing private spaces, flowing drapes within spaciousness, Oasis has all of this and much more. An atmosphere is present that is elegant and beautiful yet festive.

Lighting and music and media combine to give choices unique to you and your guests. Lighting options for your event can add, compliment and create that look that is just right for you. Multiple large media screens combined with technology controls make it possible for guests to see the special moments while still seated without straining and crowding. Hidden high quality speakers reverberate music with varied musical options for quiet relaxing dining music to energetic dancing music. Special fog machines add unique effects for dancing. The media, light show, special effects and music are provided by an in-house experienced DJ who can control it all and provide the varied entertaining mix with your interests accommodated.

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