New Year’s Resolution, Right? By Jill Berlinsky

The past year may have been a time of struggle for many. We so often blame ourselves for not listening and lose faith when things don’t work out in our lives, but those unanswered prayers of the year past just may be heard in the new decade approaching shortly in the form of the New Year’s Resolution.

The definition of a resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. 1 Another new year approaches and like so many millions of Americans we make a list of resolutions that we absolutely and without any excuses are going to follow: Lose weight, quit smoking, exercise just to name a few, but don’t sit there and count the categories on your list and think this is gonna be the year that I am going to do it. I will promise myself that and hold myself to it. Then, another year has passed and woops, there is always next year.

Why 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail.2 Understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day and changing your past habits isn’t going to be quick and easy. You must take baby steps and tackle one goal at a time by setting realistic targets and milestones that you and your support network can celebrate. Let’s say that losing weight is your resolution, well first let’s look at what is practical not idealistic. How often have you tried the latest diet craze only to find that you lost weight only to gain it back ten fold? The key is a weekly goal, and not always with a number, but with positive changes. So first figure out an exercise you enjoy, and don’t be afraid to try different things, yoga, walking, etc. Then once you establish something you enjoy, seek out a means to measure your progress there are a multitude of fitness and food program apps available for free or at a very minimal cost. Many gyms are offering specials to get started on the right track to exercise that also provide free consultations and support with your membership. The key to all of this is support from family, friends, a support group, self help book or a professional if need be. Please don’t think you are alone in trying to achieve your goals. In the end trying to do doing something is better than doing nothing. Please understand this is a process everyday and you will hit low points in the journey but don’t give up. Happy and Healthy New Year!!!

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