What is a Quinceañera? And how do different countries celebrate Quinceañeras?

The exact definition of a Quinceañera (according to WIKI) “The celebration is for Latin American girls (orLatinasin the US) who, on turning 15 are no longer considered children, and are honored and introduced into their community as young women. And in rural societies, girls were considered ready for marriage once they turned 15.” But over the years the meaning of Quinceañera has changed well… drastically! But the celebration of a Quinceañera still does hold the meaning of the young lady changing from a little girl to a young woman. For example the traditional changing of the shoe, when the father or close family member changes the young ladies sneaker to a heel in front of all the guests representing the important change in her life.

Quinceañeras also have a few differences in almost each country it is celebrated in! In Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Uruguaythey have these following traditions.The entrance, which is usually accompanied by slow songs, waltz, entrèe, First period of dancing, Main meal course, second period of dancing, Dessert and video playback of the recorded birthday with her friends, Surprise dance, 15-candle ceremony (optional), Third period of dancing, Toast, cake-cutting, and a ritual where each female friend/relative pulls a ribbon out of a bunch. The ribbons all have charms on the ends except for one which has a ring and the Last period of dancing. Now that is a full day of festivities!

In Mexico there are six major parts, the formal entry, the formal toast, the first dance, the chosen song, and the dance! This tradition is celebrated almost all over the world in many different ways! Your Quinceañera is a very important time in your life! Enjoy every moment of transitioning to a young woman!

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