​5 things you need to do to plan YOUR perfect Quinceañera

5 things you need to do for a perfect Quinceañera

  1. Set your date, even if you don’t know the exact date. Set the month and the year so you know how long you have to plan.

2. Buy a planner! Pick one up from your local target for under $15! Start doing your research and make a list of what vendors you need! Write down the businesses you want to visit or call to get more information. Not sure where to start? Start on our website! View quality local vendors on our website! ( search under vendors)

3. Know what type of Quinceañera you want! The décor and colors! Not sure? Get inspo! From Pinterest! We have a Pinterest account too! Follow us here-https://www.pinterest.com/DaysOfRem/

4. Plan how you want your Quince to go! What traditions do you want to instill/ not do!

( if you know what movie this gif is from... you get extra cool points)

5. Have help! Don’t try to plan this once in a lifetime event all by yourself! Help is a good thing!