3 awesome ways to ask someone to be your Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor

Yay! You’re engaged! How exciting! You have a long road of planning in front of you, but no worries! That’s what bridesmaids and your maid of honor are for! To help you plan your whole Wedding step by step. Since these girls will be taking on such a huge role for about the next year or so, it’s only proper to ask them in a memorable way to be your bridesmaid or maid of honor! Lets go through three unique ways to ask them!

  • Custom wine bottles! Its different, cute and you can always open it up when that really stressful planning day comes along (it totally will come, so be prepared)
  • A letter! Letters are rare now a days so when one is written it is unique and memorable. In the letter include how they have influenced your life, and include how since they have been such a big part of your life you would love them to be by your side as you celebrate this once in a lifetime memory.
  • A sleepover! That’s right, I said sleepover! Kick back, eat, watch love movies, and reminisce! Make a memory out of the night you asked your closest friends to be your bridesmaids and/or maid of honor.