3 things no one tells you about your honeymoon

You will forget to plan it.

The main event everyone stresses over and has their full attention on is the Wedding day. But everyone seems to forget about the honeymoon. A way to avoid this unfortunate event from happening is to set aside a day once a week with your fiancé and discuss you honeymoon. Get a planner just for your honeymoon, week-by-week cross off everything you have to do and things you have already done. For example, booking the airline tickets to picking out places to eat. Don’t forget about your honeymoon it’s just as important as your Wedding except instead of being with hundreds of people it’s just you and the love of your life.

You will be stressed.

Stressed? What? On your Honeymoon? No way! Yes! Absolutely, everything will still be running through your head of things you want to do and things you cant forget. Don’t let all of this completely rule you. Take a breather and enjoy the moment. This moment won’t ever come again.

It might not be this huge movie montage of a romantic fantasy.

Now of course your Honeymoon will be memorable and beautiful! But some mishaps might happen and guess what that’s ok. Especially with being out of the country (if you go out of the country for your honeymoon) you might get sick form the food or the climate change, so a way to avoid that is pack in your suitcase Pepto-Bismol, ibuprofen, and anything else you think you might need incase of a sudden minor sickness.