4 tips when planning your guest list!

4 tips when planning your guest list!

  • Determine your budget!

How many people can you afford to invite? Are you planning on feeding everyone off your list or only a select few? How many tables will you need set up and decorated according to your guest list?

  • Talk to your fiancé!

How many guests are you both thinking? How many guests will you be able to invite, how many guests will he? Who is a must on your all’s list? Do you all want to invite all your family members or only family members you all actually speak to on a regular basis?

  • When sending out your invites be sure to have on your invites how many people your guests are allowed to bring, if any! Be very clear on your invite, you don’t want your guests showing up with 2 or 3 extra people!
  • Decide if you both want children at your Wedding? Do you both want adults only? Do you both want a few children? Will children only be allowed at the reception?