The Days of Remembrance Bridal Quince and Sweet 16 expo is this month!

Here are a few things you need to know before coming to our expo!

#1 Follow us on our Instagram for exclusive giveaways only on our INSTAGRAM! Instagram username-


#2 I promise this second one isn’t us but I would hate for you to waste it! It’s a rule at the convention center that no drinks or food are allowed. So if you stop for coffee before be sure to finish before coming in!

#3 Bring your family and friends that are involved in your Wedding, Quince or Sweet 16! The Days of Remembrance Bridal Quince and Sweet 16 expo is quite large! It might be more helpful if you bring more people with you! This way you can have more people to remember different vendors and so you can have different ideas with everyone!

#4 We have 2 fashion shows during the expo! Both are totally worth watching! See so many beautiful gowns for your Wedding, Quince or Sweet 16 and tuxedos! All worth seeing! Get ideas what you and don’t like! Take pictures of the gowns you do like and be sure to write down what shop the dress is from so you can go make a appointment with that shop!

#5 Bring a notepad! Take notes of what styles you are seeing that you like and don’t like!

#6 Bring a Ziploc bag! Fill that bag with the vendor’s cards you are interested in contacting to book for your big day! That way it’s easier to find them after the expo!

#7 Don’t forget we do giveaways at our expo throughout the day!

#8 Do NOT I repeat do not wear heels (unless you can do tons of walking and standing in heels for a long period of time ). Bring out your sandals and flats! You don’t want to call it quits early because of feet pain!

#9 If you see anyone passing out cards that’s not inside a booth (they are NOT a part of our expo). If you do see someone message us on Facebook or Instagram! We will be sure to ask them to leave. Do not take the card because you do not know if they are a reliable and good business.

#10 Have fun!