It’s the season we wait for all year! That’s right its… ALLERGY season! Ha! Just kidding, all though we all dread allergy season there’s no hiding from it. Below are some tips and tricks to help avoid allergies. Dust. Mold. Pets. Are all adding to your allergies. We can’t exactly get rid of all of these allergy inducers 100% but we can try to prevent them as much as possible. Dust. Did you know dust doesn’t actually cause allergies, dust mites cause the allergies. Just a few ways to minimize your exposure to dust mites are, if you or your children have any stuffed animals lying around wrap one or two of them in a bag and place them overnight in a freezer once or twice a week to extract the dust mites, clear out your items stored under your bed, if you have any heavy drapes or horizontal blinds roll them up or fold them so they do not touch the floor, wash your blankets, sheets and pillowcases in hot water once a week. Molds. Mold likes to hide in dark and cool places. Some ways to help decrease or stop the mold growth in your house is to keep a nightlight on in your closest, clean your window frames, avoid buying foam rubber pillows and/or mattresses (if you do buy these make sure to re-buy them every so often). Some ways to lessen the amount of allergies you’re getting from your pets are to keep the house well ventilated, open the windows. Wash your pet frequently, and clean your house thoroughly.