​Date night ideas when you’re engaged!

Date night ideas when you’re engaged!

We all need a date night with our significant other! For number one keeping your sanity while planning your Wedding and number two always remembering why you are marrying eachother, remember to celebrate your love.

  • • Date Night Box! When you both are just fried from work and Wedding planning and can’t think of doing one more thing this is when a date night box comes in handy! Create a Date Night Box and fill this box with at least 10 date night ideas so when those nights do come where you do want to have a date you just don’t know what to do, all you have to do is grab from your Date Night Box!
  • • Attend a cooking class! You both are about to get married! Have fun with each other in the kitchen! Get out of your comfort zone! Create something new and fun together! And learn a few tips in the kitchen while you are at it! Bonus: at the end you get to have a amazing meal!
  • • Netflix! I know when planning a Wedding sometimes you want to save money! So pick up your all’s fav take out and head back to your home and catch up on your favorite shows, start a new show or watch a movie together!
  • • Go to a concert! Unwind, turn off your Wedding brain (as much as you can) and enjoy the music and your favorite person standing next to you!