How to choose your Chambelan

Its time for your Quinceanera! Such an exciting and memorable stage in a young ladies life. With your Quince approaching I’m sure you’re thinking about who to pick as your chambelan. A chambelan is the birthday girls escort so he has a very important and serious job, one to not be taken lightly. He needs to show up on time for every practice, and for the tux fitting.

For my Quince my mom gave me some wonderful advice, “ Pick someone who you know you won’t mind having in your Quince photos 20 years from now”. (That’s a lot of pressure for a 15-year-old lol) So what I did was rule out any of my guy friends or even any boys I liked at the time. The reason being was that I didn’t know if I would if they really had a big part in my life or not.

So instead of picking a boy you like or a friend my advice would be to pick a family member. That’s right! A cousin! ( make sure you get along with your cousin) They’re your family so they will take the chambelan job seriously and you know that in years to come you will be proud to show people who you decided to be your chambelan.