What have each of the Jonas Brothers learned during their wedding planning?

hat have each of the Jonas Brothers learned during their wedding planning?

First of all… before we even start to talk about the Jonas Weddings. Can we all just take a minute to scream internally because the JONAS BROTHERS ARE BACK TOGETHER! I’ve been blasting the year 3000 since last Friday lol!

As you all know the 3 brothers are all officially married or are soon to be married! What exactly have each of them learned from their own Weddings?

Lets start with the oldest brother, Kevin Jonas. Kevin Jonas married the beautiful Danielle Jonas back in 2009. During Kevin and Danielle’s Wedding a snow storm hit! So the lesson from Kevin’s wedding is to keep in the mind the season your Wedding will be in during Wedding planning! Nick and Priyanka Jonas just got married a few months ago! Their ceremony was absolutely stunning! From the parties, gowns, décor and THE VEIL! Basically they had a perfect Wedding. But one thing that Nick did learn is that Weddings are expensive! Lol! Nick and Priyanka did not just have one wedding! They had many! So Nick at end of all the Wedding celebrations joked he was “done” with his many weddings after he saw the bill from each wedding! Lol! So the lesson from Nicks wedding is always be aware of your budget!

Now! For the last brother! Joe Jonas will marry Sophie Turner this Summer! One thing the couple has already learned is to give your guests a heads up to NOT share their invite on social media! When Joe and Sophies save the dates went out months ago one eager guest took it upon themselves to post the invite ( since then it has been deleted)! Ugh! What a headache that must have been! So moral of story! Be sure to be in communication with your guests, especially if you don’t want your save the dates to be posted on social media.