​What makeup products should you throw away after being sick?

What makeup should you throw away after being sick?

It’s cold and flu season! We are all trying our best to re-gain our health and we don’t want to re-contaminate ourselves with our own makeup products!

After being sick the first thing most of us do is decontaminate our home; our sheets, new toothbrush, cleaning out our rooms, sterilizing everything you’ve basically touched since you’ve been sick. But one thing a few of us forget about is… OUR MAKEUP! That’s right! I know it’s hard to say goodbye to our oh so expensive makeup but sometimes for your own health! It’s a must!

So now time for the sad part of the article! What products you should toss! Remember too, even if you didn’t use these products when you were sick, your body is still carrying the virus for about 7 days before it affects you! So if you did use these products 7 days before you got sick it is safe to say these have to go!

Lipstick and lip liners! Our lips are connected to our respiratory tract! So it is always better to be safer than sorry here! You don’t want to make yourself sick again especially because when the one to blame is your favorite lipstick!

Mascara and eyeliners! Think about it, lets say you sneezed at one point in the day and later on rubbed your eye! Then when you apply your mascara and or eyeliner you are then passing that germ to your makeup and reapplying the germ over and over! Also if you had pink eye then it is safe to say basically throw away all eye products you used right before you got pink eye!