​What to bring to the Days of Remembrance Bridal Quince and Sweet 16 expo!

What to bring to the Days of Remembrance Bridal Quince and Sweet 16 expo!

The Days of Remembrance Bridal Quince and Sweet 16 expo is this weekend! January 20th 2019 at the El Paso Convention Center from 11am-5pm. It will be a day of fun! Fashion shows! Giveaways! A honeymoon giveaway! Deals! And more! There are a few things we recommend bringing along to the expo with you!

-Bring flats or sneakers. Girl you will want comfort! The expo is big and there will be over 120 vendors there! You don’t want to be in pain or even worse have to leave early because of a poor shoe decision!

- Bring a big tote bag/ big purse! You will be receiving lots info that day! Instead of having to hold it all put it all in your designated planning bag!

-Bring Ziploc bags! Yes Ziploc bags! Put the cards of vendors you want to contact for sure in the Ziploc bag so you don’t run the risk of losing their info!

- Bring a planner with a checklist of vendors you need! But it is still important to visit every vendor! You never know you may find your dream vendors!

-Don’t bring in drinks/ food! Sorry not our rule! The convention center will make you throw it away and I don’t want you wasting that $5 coffee!

- Bring people who will actually be helpful planning your big day. For example pointing out the vendors they believe you would like. Helping you stay organized.

- Remember to keep an eye out for when the fashion shows are on! Get so many ideas!

-Follow us on Instagram! We will be having exclusive giveaways during the expo on there!

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- Have fun! See you Sunday!

Buy your tickets to the expo below OR buy your tickets at the expo the day of the expo!

tickets are $5 each 12 and under free 100% of the door proceeds benefit the Child Crisis Center of El Paso.