Who can bring a plus-one to your Wedding and who can’t?

It’s time to make that dreadful and awkward decision of who can bring a plus one to your Wedding and who can’t. No problem! Let me help you make this important decision a little easier. First things first lets say who can bring a plus one. There’s of course the engaged couples, married couples, couples who live together and couples who have been together for a long period of time. A way to address the subject to guests who want to bring their significant other of 1 month or less is to say that it is just not in your budget to add on extra guests. Meaning per extra person means extra catering so therefore you and your future spouse have to dish out more cash. Now if you are ok with your guest bringing one extra person, a way to make sure they stick to one person and don’t bring their whole clan is to add in your invitations “ number of guests attending-2”. For example Hector Diaz and Guest. So to make sure to avoid that awkward phone call or text, make sure to include your plus one info in the invitation.