How to pick your ballroom!

Its time to pick a hall for your Wedding, Quince or Sweet 16. Don’t know where to start? Well you’ve come to the right place! Lets go through 3 key things you need to do before picking out your hall.

1st things first set a budget and know how many people will be at your event. You want to look at venues you can afford and venues that can fit your party. A way to accomplish those two things is to message them on a social media website for more info or give them a call.

2ndly look at at least 3 halls! Do not just sign with the first one, take notes from each venue. Weigh the pros and cons of each, take pictures then at the end when you’ve seen all 3 (or 10 lol) review them all and see which one suits you and your party best. 3rd make sure to feel comfortable with the person you sign up with in the hall. That will be the person you will be communicating with for the next few months. That person will help you pick out your colors, drinks, and so forth! So make sure that you feel comfortable with that person.

Look around on our website, we have many beautiful and affordable venues calling your name! Make sure to say our Website sent you!