5 Favorite TV Weddings

Jim and Pam.

The Office. Niagara Falls… Need I say more? The scenery, Dwight’s wolf shirt and Andy’s ummm painful accident. It was the perfect weekend for a Jam Wedding.

2. Jesse and Rebecca

From Jesse being thrown in jail to Jesse serenading Rebecca with infamous “Forever” song on the piano. Jesse and Rebecca’s wedding was every 90’s couple fantasy Wedding.

3. Cory and Topanga

Don’t we wish we all could live in Hawaii? Cory and Topanga definitely do. Following this couples love story from middle school to the day they got married was one of the most if not the most satisfying things about the 90’s.

4. Schmidt and Cece

Schmidt and Cece the polar opposite couple. But hey opposites attract right? Their love story began when Cece walked in the loft to help her best friend pick an outfit. A love story that took years to finally get it right leading to their 2016 Wedding. Also can we talk about their wedding attire… um goals? GOALS.

5. Phoebe and Mike.

OH! Excuse me… I mean Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock and c*** bag. The quirky TV romance that had us all swoon in the hopes of having our own snow Wedding outside of the Central Perk.