Wedding dress shopping tips!


You’re going Wedding dress shopping! Time to bring out your inner Monica Geller lol! Just kidding! Wedding dress shopping is super exciting, but it does come with some stress factors. But don’t stress! Follow my WDSG ( wedding dress shopping guide) and you will be on your way!

1.Don’t invite everyone. I know, I know it seems nice to have your grandma, friend, cousin, future mother in-law, neighbor and everyone else there but the truth is only about 5 or LESS people should go. People who truly have a interest in helping YOU find the best dress for YOU not a dress they like. The less people you have, the less opinions you will get to cloud your judgement!

2. Call ahead! If you want one on one time with your consultant then it's best to call ahead to reserve a spot for you and your guests!

3. Pinterest! Pin away! Pinterest boards are actually very helpful to your consultant! This shows him or her what type of look you are interested in.

4.Sizing! Ok DO NOT I repeat DO NOT freak out when you find out your usual size is actually 6 sizes larger in wedding dresses. Did you know the sizing for Wedding gowns hasn’t been updated since the 1950s! Isn’t that insane!

5.You don’t have to have the exact shoes you are going to wear on your Wedding day but do bring a shoe that has the height you’re going for. Do this so that they can take your measurements right then and there when you find your perfect dress!

6.If you plan on wearing spanx… bring them with you!

7.Go about 1 year – 6 months before your Wedding! Alterations can take that long!

8.If you plan on losing weight let your consultant know, she may recommend you coming on a later date since your body size will be different!

9.Search the store online before you go! Make sure its within your budget and you can save dresses you like to save time!

10.Have fun and don’t feel pressured to buy! Yes you should have the intention to buy but if you feel like the shop you’re at doesn’t have your dream dress, don’t be scared to say thank you but you are going to continue looking!