​Millennial’s are having the divorce rate plummet! #Goals

Millennials’ are having the divorce rate plummet! #Goals

You read that right! Millennial’s (You’re a millennials if you are born within the mid 80s to late 90s) are doing something right #goals! In the new U.S. census data from sociology professor at the University of Maryland found that in the U.S. the divorce rate has gone down by 18% from 2008-2016! Why this dramatic decrease well us millennials are just simply better at life… only joking lol! But we kind of are in a way!

In this day and age we are waiting to get married until we are in our late 20s or early 30s therefore being more stable, financially and career wise. One of the top problems in marriages is money and since we are waiting to tie the knot so we can be stable financially and stable in other areas of our lives that is actually helping millennials marriages last! So good job fellow young people!