Tips for choosing your photographer

Congratulations first off! The first thing you want to look for when choosing your photographer is choosing what type of photography style you like! There are two top photography styles! Traditional photography and photojournalism photography. Traditional photography is the type of photography that is posed. For example when you and your hubby stand next to each other to smile for the photographer! That is traditional. A sweet and simple photo, perfect to be framed! Next photojournalism is the organic way to take photos. Meaning the photographer is taking photos of moments. From laughing with your bridesmaids to that first look your future husband has when he sees walking down the aisle. Next! Make sure your photographer and your personality mesh well together! You want to get along with them and feel comfortable. Last but not least make sure they know what kind of shots you want before the day of your event. Make sure to tell what special moments you want to capture! For example putting on your gown, the rings, or posing with your family! Make sure to let your photographer know ahead of time to avoid confusion on the day of your event. Good luck and stay Classy El Paso.