How to loosen up for a photoshoot

This is super easy and very difficult for some people. The whole idea of an engagement session is to capture how you are as a couple right at this moment. And how are you as a couple right now *drum roll* happily in love of course! So all you need to do is pretend we aren’t there and be totally involved in one another; kiss, hold hands, hug anything you would do normally when you are alone!

But keep it PG since we will be in a public place =p So I know what you are thinking, easier said than done right? Trust me, just because I love taking photos of people doesn’t mean I love being in the photos themselves. In fact I HATE being in photos haha However, I am able to take photos with Mitch (my fiance) because he gives me strength he is my comfortable outlet in an uncomfortable situation.

So just lean on your partner and feed off of each other. Escape from the world. Don’t worry, we will lead you into positions and places that will make for beautiful memories but the best photos are of when you are letting loose and are involved in one another. You cannot fake that!

So if you need to practice being super close to one another and smiling in the mirror then do it! No shame in that!