What to wear to wedding photo shoot

This is all dependent on your style, I could sit here and show you what would make a really cute session BUT it is all about what YOU are comfortable in and how you are as a couple. If you all are t-shirt with jeans couple then rock it out! If you wear cute dresses and heels then bring it! If you wear both we do let you have one wardrobe change so don’t stress on which outfit to bring!

If you do want to dress up for your session great, but just remember to be comfortable in what you wear. I have never been a huge fan of heels and I am pretty sure that I look pretty ridiculous walking in them. But they do make you look great in photos! However, I would never wear them because that is not who I am and I know I would be uncomfortable the entire day.

So remember, stay true to you and make sure you are comfortable in what you wear, both on the outside (don’t squish yourself into something!) and on the inside (find something that makes you feel smokin! haha)