What type of dress to wear to a wedding (as guest)

So your going to a Wedding as a guest? What to wear… what to wear?

Well first lets gets rid of the obvious, do NOT I repeat do NOT show up in a white or even off white dress! Even if the Bride says she is comfortable with the guests wearing that color, it is still disrespectful to the Bride. White is exclusively for the Bride for that day only. Now that we have that out of the way, what season will the Wedding be in? For a summer wedding it is always safe to go in a shoulder dress, strapless dress, apron dress, or sundress! Remember! Keep the dress colorful! Short sleeve, sleeveless or strapless dresses are appropriate. Yellow! Pink! Blue! Friendly and welcoming colors for a summer Wedding. (Leave the romper at home, though it may be cute its not exactly Wedding attire) For a fall wedding take in consideration there may be a bit of wind, so if you do wear a dress be sure to wear either shorts or tights underneath incase a gust of wind decides to greet you at the wedding, and don’t forget a small sweater incase it gets chilly! An appropriate fall dress would be a pouf dress, maxi dress, tent dress or a shift dress! Either short sleeve or long sleeve will do. The top three colors to choose from are burgundy, cognac, and royal blue. For a winter Wedding dress the same rules apply as a fall Wedding EXCEPT the colors for winter change to olive green, coppertone and rust ( take a jacket with you). The top winter dresses to rock are Princess dresses or a sheath dress! For a Spring Wedding! We are back to short sleeve or elbow length dresses so trapeze dresses, strapless dresses, and maxi dresses will all look stunning! Though it may be warmer, remember the Wedding will probably go until the evening and usually evenings in the Spring are a bit chilly. So still wear the shorts and take a light sweater. That’s it my dears! Stay classy El Paso.