What types of wedding dresses are there?

A line? Ball gown? Mermaid? Sheath? Which dress to pick from! The options are limitless! Wondering what these dresses look like? The A line dress is the type of dress that will fit all body types! Something we all can count on. Picture the letter A. Are you picturing it? Good. That’s what an A line dress is! Fitted at to the waist then the dress flows beautifully to the ground in the shape of the letter A. Next! Ball gown dresses. Remember Cinderella’s iconic blue dress? That’s a ball gown! Fitted to our waist then a full and skirt at the bottom! Gorgeous! The ball gown is a classic dress but a goodie. Mermaid Dresses! The sexy wedding dress! This sensational type of dress shows off your curves! The dress is fitted to the knee then flares out at the bottom. Very dramatic and sensual. Sheath dresses. Sheath dresses are usually worn by smaller framed brides. This type of dress fits close to the brides body and does NOT flare out! A very simple and sweet dress! Good luck and stay Classy El Paso.