​Who should pay for what?

Who should pay for what?

I know! Weddings can be kind of pricy! But unless you are a Quince or Sweet 16 it is not your parents duty to pay for your Wedding! Sorry! Back in the old days it was a tradition for the Brides family to pay for the wedding! But it is seen more now that the bride and groom are paying for most if not all of the wedding and the families do pitch in where they choose to. If you do want to have your family pitch in but feel a bit awkward to ask here are three ways to approach.

1. Ask them out to lunch! Be sure to bring your groom with you, and ask if they are willing to help pitch in.

2. Make a list of things you and your groom need help in paying, approach your family to see if they are willing to take one of those items or multiple.

3. Make a budget, write everything down! If something goes out of your budget, show your family member and ask if they are willing to help pitch in for that item!