Lets talk about Veils

Birdcage veil- Birdcage veils are ideal for outdoor Weddings. Why you may ask? Well you certainly don’t want to control your veil if a gust of wind picks up when you’re supposed to be focusing on getting married. Birdcage veil lengths are about to your chin. Birdcage veils are very fashion forward and chic. If you’re considering having a vintage vibe at your wedding the Birdcage veil may be the way to go for you (the birdcage veil was a hit in the 1940s).

Shoulder Length Veil- Want a fun and flirty veil? The shoulder length veil might be for you! This veil still holds the essence of the traditional veil that some brides want to include in their Wedding Day, but the beauty about this veil is that won’t get in your way. This veil will not weigh down your hair or get in your face when you’re trying to say your vows or bust a move.

Elbow Length Veil- Looking for something to compliment your face and your dress simultaneously? Try on some Elbow Length Veils! The Elbow Length Veil will cover your shoulders/arms (if you want it to or you can push it to the back of you) and frame your face! This veil is happy medium of a short and long veil. The best of both worlds if you will. Very romantic and easy to wear.

Ballet Length Veil- Are you someone who loves a statement piece? Well girl… wear the ballet length veil. With this eye catcher no one will forget what you looked like on your Wedding day. This veil is long and chic. It adds boldness and uniqueness to your gown. Plus it’s not long enough for you to worry about stepping on the veil. The Ballet length veil should fall anywhere from your knee to your ankle.

Chapel Length Veil- The Queen of all veils. This superb type of veil goes all the way to the GROUND! If your Wedding is going to be a bit more on the elegant side then the Chapel length veil is for you. This Veil has class written all over it. With this type of veil you can actually combine other veils within this veil (say what?) Yes! You get to combine other veils within this show-stopping veil; a common veil that is combined with this veil is the elbow length veil (not one veil but maybe 2 or 3 of them).