Study Tips for Kids

We often remind our kids of the importance of good studying habits, but do you stop and wonder if they really know what studying entails? We thought we’d share of few simple suggestions to help you and your little ones simplify the art of studying.

1. Teach them how to take good notes – don’t assume they know how to take good notes. Teach them exactly how they should jot down important points from a lesson being taught.

2. Help them plan – plan for upcoming quizzes or tests and keep track of those important dates. When a student is well prepared it removes some of the anxiety of a quiz or test, so teach them to keep a planner with important of upcoming quizzes or tests. Studying can be done a little at a time with advance preparation.

3. Practice study time with them - Teach your child to take a bite out of studying by reviewing smaller pieces of the material. For example, if a test is coming on Friday, begin studying with your child three to two days before the test to help them perform better.

Remember to always reassure your child they are smart and can do anything they put their mind to. Before you know it, they will master those study habits and they can take them into future schooling.