Top 3 flower mistakes to avoid

Yay! Its time to pick out your flowers for your big event! Avoid these top 3 mistakes that are made every year!

Mistake number one, bigger is not always better. Meaning yes that sample centerpiece that you found online is gorgeous! But take in consideration your guests. If the centerpiece is too large your guests may not communicate with each other comfortably at their table.

Mistake number two… booking your florists last minute. It is best to have your florists be one of the first vendors you book. Flowers set a very crucial part of the night. Make sure you have enough time to communicate with your florist exactly what you want and set up payment schedules.

Mistake number three… using only one color for your flowers! Flowers should be an accent to your event. Get creative choose different colors to make your event stand out. Think of the pictures, you don’t want them to blend in you want them to stand out!