​Bride charges guests $1,500 per guest to help her dream Wedding come true!

Bride charges guests $1,500 per guest to help her dream Wedding come true!

I mean a “Kardashian for a day” (her words not mine) is something most people dream about right? Lol don’t worry, neither do I! But this Bride sure does! And a whopping $1,500 per guest is all it would take. This Bridezilla’s story has been circulating on the internet. Her Facebook status that went viral discussed cancelling her wedding only four days beforehand, her and her fiancé going their separate ways, blaming her friends and family for their split and finally saying how $1,500 is nothing and how she will now be backpacking in South America! I mean that’s kind of a lot for one post.

How did all of this start you ask? Well Susan and her fiancé saved about $15,000 for their wedding until they visited a psychic and were informed that they needed to go for a pricier venue. After that meeting the $15,000 was not going to cut it. The next logical thing to do (sarcasm) would be to ask each of your guests to donate $1,500 in order to attend her wedding. She even started a GoFundMe, which only gathered $250. With Susan’s wedding weeks away she realized she only had 8 RSVPS, she re-sent the invites and asked “people to donate what they could.” After nobody responded, this bridezilla then realized her $60,000 dream wedding would not come true. Susan’s fiancé then offered a way out, “A Vegas wedding!” he proclaimed! Only to be shut down and “laughed in his face” by his then fiancée. The couple then split up and the eight poor souls that did RSVP and sent them donations have since asked for their money back.

The moral of the story is, stay within your means. Don’t rely on others for your dream wedding, a dream wedding does not require a high budget and a shake down from your guests!